Wellness: being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Thank you for your interest in San Antonio Wellness Online! I want to personally invite you to join our caring community of businesses and practices that are working to improve lives throughout San Antonio.

San Antonio Wellness Online is an online living and lifestyle publication dedicated to the wellness of the residents of the San Antonio, Texas area. This resource was created in 2020 after discovering the lack of online support for natural health practitioners and holistic-minded residents. I took the giant leap to create this online service for one primary reason: to help people promote wellness in San Antonio.

As publisher, I have two passions. The first is ensuring that each issue contains the most helpful, actionable, and cutting-edge information possible for our readers; the second is helping businesses grow through connections with our readers. When small and micro business succeed and grow, lives are improved, and everyone wins.

To businesses, as you create and adjust your marketing strategy, please consider San Antonio Wellness Online as your partner to connect with new potential clients. You will not find a more affordable online advertising option in this area, and you won’t find a more caring, active, engaged and intelligent group of readers and consumers.

I look forward to helping your business grow as we work together to improve the lives of all San Antonio residents!

Mike Erickson, Publisher

Mike Erickson is an information systems consultant who specializes in website design for small and micro businesses.

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